Autumn is Asheville, NC

Took a trip to Asheville, NC recently.  We were there about 10-14 days too early for peak fall colors but we still enjoyed our visit just the same.   Had a chance to go to Chimney Rock State Park.  It was the perfect day.  You could see for miles.   NC has many waterfalls.  We had the […]

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Seeing NYC from the sky

Recently, I had the chance to fly around NYC via helicopter.  Thanks to the great staff at FLYNYON.   The day started off to be wonderful.  Not a cloud in the sky.  But, by 2 pm, mostly cloudy. Can’t change it, so I enjoyed the ride.  What is different about FLNYON is that you can […]

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Miami after dark

I always enjoy photographing after the sun goes down. I also enjoy shooting HDR. It gives the images a different look. Some have a little and others are over-the-top. My images, my choice. There are so many places to photograph in Miami. I’m already looking forward to going back. All images were taken with Canon […]

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Birdeye’s view of Miami at Sunset

On my recent trip to Miami, we had a opportunity to take a sunset helicopter ride over the city at dusk and sunset.  But, this wasn’t your common, helicopter ride taking photos thought the windows.  We flew with the doors OFF and hanging out the side of the helicopter.  Very cool. Below are just a few […]

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Who goes there? And other things Owls say

I was walking along minding my own business when I heard a “Who”. When I looked up high into the oak tree I saw this great looking Owl. The Great Horned Owl. I was able to taken a few shots and then let him/her alone.  I love getting a good image and then leaving them […]

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Osprey family dinner

Osprey family at dinnertime

A friend of my has a boat dock with an Osprey next 20 feet from the dock.  You can get close enough to watch and take images without being too close and upsetting the birds.  This day, I was lucky to be there where their dinner arrived. I love how the wings are fully open […]

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Spider-Man drops in

Spider-man stops by for Xmas visit

With the holidays here, you never know who might “drop” in for a visit. Last night we had nice treat.  Spidey came by to wish us a Merry Christmas.   He stayed long enough for me to take a picture.  This was taken with Canon 5Dm4, Canon 50mm, f5, 100 iso, 1/15 sec .   From […]

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Spider-Man swings to rock n roll

Spider-Man swings into Cleveland and Rock Hall

Just happened…Spider-Man visited Cleveland & the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Even heroes need rock n roll. Before you ask, yes, #Photoshop with my images.   Cleveland image was taken with Canon 5DM4 with Canon 24-105L lens @ F9, 1/800 sec, 200 ISO. Spider-Man was shot in studio and then added in Photoshop.  Effects […]

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Eye on a Gator

I was out in our neighbor when I saw his gator.   The coolest part of these images, at least to me, is there is a spider walking on his/her eyelid.  You can see it in the reflection in the water.  There is a LOT of detail in the image.   The gator was on […]

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