Monday Spider

Another Monday, another macro of a spider.
I found this one hanging from the outside roof.  Big and hairy. Ugh!
This is one of the first images I took with my new camera, Sony NEX 6.

Macro of Spider

Here is alittle spider… OK, not so little.

It was about 2″ long!  I just kept thinking,
“please don’t bite me”

Spider on Web

Here’s something for Macro Monday.

This is a macro shot of a large spider. How large?  About 3″s large.

I know, only a guy can think 3″s is large, lol.

Spider in Web

Here’s a nice spider for Macro Monday. I tried to spilt the frame with the web, hoping to give the image a different angle.  Then I short-focused to blur the web.

Spiders on a Web

I thought this was an interesting picture. I shot an macro image of a spider on a web.  Then when I was reviewing the images, I saw the other spider in the background.  2 for 1.