Osprey hawk came to visit

The Osprey hawk visited today and sat and posed for me.

I love the detail in his/her feathers.  Also I love the death stare.

There are 3 Osprey that fly around in our area.  This one sat while the other 2 were flying high above.

This was taken with Canon 70D with Canon 100-400mm II L lens.

F5 at 1/2000 sec  at ISO 200, focal length 300mm


Oh, Deer

Backyard visitor this weekend.
This young deer  comes by 2x times a day to see me.
OK, comes 2x a day looking for food.

Weekend visitors

We had some visitors stop by our backyard this weekend.

Love to watch them eat and interact with eachother.

Oh Deers!

More vistitors last night to our backyard.  I love watching them come and eat.  And it’s funny when they see me.  They stop and stare and then go back to eating.

Lizard Iguana

While taking a walk one day in South Miami, I saw this iguana.  It was about 2 feet long.  He didn’t care that I was taking his picture, but after a couple of shots, he walked away.


Ostrich Gone Wild

“What?  You talkin’ to me?”
While traveling in the SW, I saw this ostrich on a farm.  What I learned that day, ostriches are mean.