Praying Mantis

This is for Macro Monday.  I found this praying mantis outside my house.  He or she was nice enough to allow me to take a few pics.

Does this make anyone else wanna watch Space Ghost- Coast to Coast?

Somewhere in AZ

While traveling in the SouthWest, this was somewhere in AZ.  Nature is just perfect.  Nothing added to this image.  Just nature.

This was before GPS or geo tagging so I have no idea where exactly this was.  I think somewhere near Sedona Arizona.

HDR Downtown Miami

Here is a look from high-above just as you enter downtown Miami, FL. Unseen to the left is the American Airlines Arena. Notice the sidewalks.  Very cool.  You don’t see the designs as well from street level.

HDR effect was added to bring out detail and grain.


Fisheye of Balloons

Taken at the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico with a fisheye adapter, this gives the viewer an idea of the hot air balloon activity that was going on.  Also, gives you an idea how a fish would view the balloon activity had they been there.


Spider in Web

Here’s a nice spider for Macro Monday. I tried to spilt the frame with the web, hoping to give the image a different angle.  Then I short-focused to blur the web.

Durango and Silverton Train

All aboard! Take a train trip to the past on the Durango Silverton Railroad.  Although the trip is 26 miles between Durango and Silverton, Colorado, it will feel like a lifetime. Takes a long time, almost 4 hours., 1 way.

I added HDR effect and then black and white to fill it that “old” feel.  What do you think?