Hate Mondays

Joe | February 27, 2012

What more can I say?

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Waxy Monkey Frogs

Joe | February 23, 2012

“So what if I have frog legs…” These are Waxy Monkey Frogs.  Image was taken at the Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Cow Sunset

Joe | February 22, 2012

This was taken on the California coast.  You know, where the happy cows live.  I just like how peaceful it is.

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Joe | February 15, 2012

This was an easy images to turn BW. I like all the lines…

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Blue Heron in Swamp

Joe | February 12, 2012

While in Key West, I spotted this Blue Heron.  I only had 1 chance at this picture.  He flew off right after the camera click.

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