HDR- Contstruction

Here is another of the HDRs that I did of the new building construction.
This is where HDR really shines.
The walls were so dark and the window light was very strong.  I was able to balance and even give the metal a “metal” look.

Uncropped Doorway

I wanted to share the uncropped version of yesterday’s pic.  I cropped my shadow out.  I thought it took away from the doorway.
What do you think?  Cropped?  Uncropped?  OR even cropped as a square without my shadow?

HDR- Brink Doorway

I was photographing a new school/church being built yesterday.  There were a lot of great angle and textures.

I really like this doorway.  I added HDR effect to bring out detail in the brinks.  It also added a glow down the hallway around the ceiling lights.  Nice.

3 exposures, -2, 0, +2 stops.

HDR- Marilyn Monroe

Down at the local movie theater in Key West, FL., Marilyn stands over a heating grate having your dress blown up.  She does this all the time.  Why?  She is a statue.

I did a 3 exposure, 2 stop, HDR effect of this image.  The effect was to add detail and texture.

HDR- Palm Tree

I wanted to bring out the detail and the highlights in the center of the palm tree, so I shot this tree in 3 exposures.  +2, 0, -2, handheld.

I then combined the images in Photoshop to make a HDR image.  The tree has a little glow to it.  I think it gives it a warmth.  Makes you feel as if you are lying on the beach looking up at the palm.