HULK: Smash Puny Humans…

Joe | May 25, 2016

Recently, I was out in my garden taking some macro shots of some plants, when I had a visitor. From out of the bushes came the green monster, the HULK.  He was huge. Look how he towers over the mushrooms……

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More Canon lens testing, gator roar…with HDR effect

Joe | January 21, 2016

Doing more testing of my new lens, Canon 100-400mm L II, and loving it. Here is a gator that visits a few times aweek in the cancel behind our condo. I love the texture and detail this lens gets.  Very…..

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Speaking at APG Meeting tonight

Joe | October 17, 2013

I am a member of APG, Athens Photography Guild, in Athens, GA. I have the honor tonight to give the monthly presentation.  I will be speaking about, “Make Your Images POP”.  Below is the official release from the APG website……

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HDR Kitty

Joe | August 24, 2013

Happy cat Saturday Here is a shot of my kitty. She was sleeping and I got down on the floor in front of her. She woke up and just stared at me. I added HDR effect by using the brush…..

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HDR- Morning Fog

Joe | August 23, 2013

I shot this 3 exposure HDR image on my way to work awhile back. I over did the HDR effect to give detail and effect to the image. I used NIK HDR Pro for processing.

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Pop Art Baseball

Joe | August 13, 2013

Let’s play 2.  A double-header. This is my art-deco baseball image. I used NIK HDR pro and then Filter Forge to finish it off.

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HDR- Gas Pump

Joe | August 13, 2013

Morning gas, lol. This is a 3 exposure HDR image processed in Nik HDR Pro. I went a little over-the-top to bring out detail and pop the red. What do you?  

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HDR car from Greece

Joe | July 22, 2013

While traveling in Greece, I saw this old car along side the road. I LOVE the color in this image.  What do you think? This was a 3 exposure HDR images processed in Nik HDR Pro2.

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Fire Hydrant in Corn Field

Joe | June 17, 2013

Over the weekend I saw this strange looking item near this corn field. After looking at it for a second I realized it is a fire hydrant. LOTS of detail in the hydrant and foreground. Processed using Onone Suite 7.5…..

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HDR Rainforest Waterfall

Joe | June 11, 2013

I shot this awhile ago at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, FL. This was a 3 exposure HDR, -2,0,+2.  I used Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 for processing.

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