This is a shot of a retail storefront I shot and processed as HDR.  This was 3 exposures. I combined and tried to go a little over-the-top to give it a more vibrant look.  I love the clouds and the sky. Shots were taken with Canon 5D.

HDR Flowers

I took 3 exposures of these flowers and combined them into one HDR image.
The added grain and detail gives the image a glow.  I like it.  What do you think?

The Dark Knight Rises

As the Dark Knight makes his return tonight at midnight, here is something I put together using one of my older images.

If you listen very closely, yell ” Who are you?’  and you’ll hear, “I’m Batman.”

Kayaking at Sunset

This was a sunset shot taken at Corolla, NC, OBX on the bay side.

It is a 3 shot HDR image.  I combined 3 exposures using Nik HDR efex Pro.  The cool thing about the software is how it fixes ghosting.  Since the kayaker’s oar was moving in all 3 frames, I was able to choose which frame I wanted to use.  I picked the frame where the oars were moving the least.

I think it turned out pretty good.  I like the look and feel and the color.  What do you think?


Miami Sunrise

Getting ready for the long weekend.  Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.
This was a sunrise shot just off the coast of downtown Miami, FL. (Miami is to the left of this image).
I added just a little tone mapping thanks to Nik Efex Pro 4.
Storm was rolling in.  I had to get out of the water.  Didn’t want to be struck my lighting holding a metal tripod in the water. lol.

Tone Mapping

What is tone mapping?

Tone mapping has to deal with the image contrast.
You can make a single exposure look like a HDR image.   There are many ways to use tone mapping, I use it to bring out detail in the image.

As you see from my example below, the before image is flat, dull looking.  I then used Nik Efex Pro tone mapping filter and increased the contrast, thus increasing the detail.  It is more fun to play with than it is to explain.