Butterfly with Filter Effect

I took this shot of the butterfly and then added a filter from NIK to give it alittle something “extra”.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Macro of Orchid

I haven’t photographed any flowers in awhile, so I thought it was time to do some.

This is a macro of an orchid that I gave my wife.  No, I wasn’t in trouble.  Just thought it would be nice.

Macro Butterfly

This is a macro (close up) image of a butterfly.  I love the colors.  The red and oranges vs the greens.

Sunflower Macro

I shot this over-exposed.  It blew-out the ground and some of the detail.
I like the effect, do you?

Spider on Web

Here’s something for Macro Monday.

This is a macro shot of a large spider. How large?  About 3″s large.

I know, only a guy can think 3″s is large, lol.

Praying Mantis

This is for Macro Monday.  I found this praying mantis outside my house.  He or she was nice enough to allow me to take a few pics.

Does this make anyone else wanna watch Space Ghost- Coast to Coast?

Spider in Web

Here’s a nice spider for Macro Monday. I tried to spilt the frame with the web, hoping to give the image a different angle.  Then I short-focused to blur the web.

Spiders on a Web

I thought this was an interesting picture. I shot an macro image of a spider on a web.  Then when I was reviewing the images, I saw the other spider in the background.  2 for 1.