Monkey See, Monkey Do

This little monkey is filing her/his nails.  Moments later shows the crowd how to crack a safe.  Wish I had a picture of that.

This was taken at Monkey Jungle in Miami, FL.

HDR Downtown Miami

Here is a look from high-above just as you enter downtown Miami, FL. Unseen to the left is the American Airlines Arena. Notice the sidewalks.  Very cool.  You don’t see the designs as well from street level.

HDR effect was added to bring out detail and grain.


HDR Lincoln RD, SouthBeach, FL.

Lincoln Road in SouthBeach Miami, FL is know for it’s high-end shopping.  But it’s also a good place to people-watch and to relax under a palm tree.

I added HDR effect to add the grain and the “pop” art effect.

HDR Sunrise

This was one of the last Miami coast sunrise shoots I did before moving to Georgia.  My wife, Angela, and my friend, Carlos, joined me on this very early shoot.

HDR effect was added.  You can almost feel the rocks and moss in the forground.